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Impact of PE Premium at St Barnabas and St Paul’s 2016-2017



Specialist sports coach

St Barnabas and St Paul’s have employed a specialist sports coach to come into school one day a week to help improve the motor skills of the children in EYFS and Year 1. This linked to our school priority of ‘To improve the quality of teaching & learning in EYFS to improve children’s outcomes.’ Pro-Direct started the year doing a base-line assessment of all the children in six key areas: under arm throwing, over arm throwing, kicking a ball, dribbling with a ball and catching. At the start of the year only 22% of the EYFS children could catch 5 or more ball out of 10 and only 36% EYFS could hit a target with 5 or more balls out of 10. During the year Pro-Direct focused on improving these skills and incorporating them into different game scenarios. Throughout the course of the year, Rob planned and carried out a range of sporting activities to help improve these areas plus spatial awareness and strategies for tactics. There was an increase in all six areas that were tested. Looking at the over view for ‘moving and handling’ in July 2016 only 63% of our children attained this goal compared to July 2017 were 76% of our children attained this goal.


Pro-Direct also ran a sports club after school and each half term it varied in age range and the area of the P.E curriculum being covered. The clubs were very successful in school and gained a lot of interest throughout the year. This year Pro-Direct are continuing to run the clubs but have also organised with the other schools that they have contracts with, to end each term with an interschool’s competition. This will allow the children to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have learnt in that area over the course of the term. I believe this itself will gain more interest in after schools clubs as there is more of a purpose and will enable children to represent school in a tournament.


After schools clubs


Last year, we continued to offer a variety of after school clubs for all ages across school. Most of these clubs linked to up-coming tournaments in the sporting calendar to give children the opportunity to develop their skills before representing the school’s sport team. This is an area that will need continuing and developing further next year to increase our sporting achievements next year.




Each year, we pay for a package that entitles us to participate in a variety of competitions within the authority in different areas of the curriculum for year groups 1-6. This year we have participated in more competitions than the previous year and this year we have won our very first competition showing that P.E is being taught at a higher standard, the after school clubs are contributing into children’s increased skill levels and that the involvement in sport is on the increase in school. We are hoping to continue progressing next year.


P.E Equipment


School has invested a proportion of our funding into replenishing old equipment and buying different sporting equipment to benefit the teaching and learning of P.E. School is very keen to introduce new sporting activities that the children haven’t had the opportunity to play before. Introducing different sports gives children (especially those who may not be interested in the sports currently being offered) a chance to learn new skills. Beginning last year and continuing this year, school has invested in table tennis tables, bats and balls, we have had an outdoor gym that s fitted with eight pieces equipment aiming to improve fitness and strength fitted and have bought a full class set of new equipment for hockey, basketball, netball, football, cricket, rounders, ultimate frisbee and lacrosse. All this new equipment will be introduced at lessons during the day or in an afterschool club.



Play leaders and Sports Council

Year 6 children within school have an opportunity to become play leaders. The children apply for the position and then sit down with staff to explain their willingness to apply and what they can offer towards the position. Once selected, the children are specifically trained by members of staff and provide a selection of lunch time activities for EYFS. As we now have more equipment available at lunch times, the play leaders can offer a wider variety of activities and games for the younger children to play. We have also received a ‘Change for life’ sports equipment bag and ordered new equipment for the School Young Ambassadors and the Sports Council to run lunch time activities and challenges for the rest of the school.



Lauren Tromans Dec 2017