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Art and DT in School

Art and DT


Art and Design Technology are a fundamental part of St Barnabas and St Paul’s curriculum as it stimulates creativity, individuality and imagination in all pupils. The skills for Art and Design Technology are taught through the different topic areas in the afternoon, to ensure children build on their artistic skills and create wonderful, unique pieces of work. It ensures that all children are motivated and are experiencing a wide range of skills that will help them to take part in the development of the rapidly changing world in which we live.

We encourage our children to be exclusive and take risks within their artwork and projects. Both Art and Design Technology encourage children to become creative problem-solvers that are able to work individually and within a team.  We encourage all children to present their ideas and evaluate their work and the processes they have experimented with during our Art and Design Technology sessions.

In our Art lessons children are able to express themselves freely using a variety of skills and materials including sketching, drawing, painting, modelling, collaging and many other media, to create high-quality art work related to their topic. They study and discuss a range of artists, styles and artwork and are able to explain how a piece of art makes them feel.

Our Design Technology sessions are based on the children thinking about the designing stages; creating prototypes, experimenting with different materials, making things and then evaluating their product. They are encouraged to think about the criteria that their product must abide by and how to make their product unique. Children often work in different groups encouraging them to present and share their own ideas. They are expected to solve problems in a creative and reasonable manner at any stage of the design process. We encourage children to use different resources and materials to create their own product. Children are also given the opportunity to experience food technology and create their own food products. Design Technology allows children to understand the world in which they live and develop skills to continue to add to our wider community.

We also use ICT to experiment further with the digital aspect of art and graphic design. We encourage children to use technology to experiment with photography, in addition to using different software to create digit pieces of art.

We enter lots of competitions with the local newspaper and the surrounding area to help boost our Art and D.T reputation and the children enjoy seeing their work published. We also invite parents and other pupils to celebrate the fantastic art work that all children produce in their various topics.