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St Barnabas

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Class 3P

Welcome to class 3P’s page.  I am Miss Lamb the class teacher and we have Mrs O’Hara supporting our class. Here you will find out a little about what is going on in our class this half term.


In 3P, we have high expectations that all members of our class will aim to be the best for God that they can be, in line with our school’s vision. Our school value this half term is linked to thankfulness and during worship, we will reflect on all we have to be thankful for, especially during this difficult time.


In Literacy, we will begin the term by looking at ‘Stories from the same author’ and the author in particular is Roald Dahl. This will be a good time to introduce all of the wonderful books from this fantastic author at home. We will end the unit by writing our own story in the style of this author. We will then move on to writing instructions, shape poetry, fables and explanation texts. Each week in Reading, we will focus on one of the reading VIPERS – vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise/sequence through a range of different texts.  


In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at place value. This will include recognising and representing numbers in different ways, comparing numbers, ordering numbers and counting in 50’s. After this, we will move onto addition and subtraction where we will apply our prior knowledge of adding and subtracting tens and ones to adding and subtracting multiples of 100. After this, we will move onto multiplication and division where we will explore arrays to see the commutativity of multiplication facts and focus on efficient strategies to use when dividing.


Our RE unit this term has a focus on the celebration of Harvest. We will explore where Harvest is mentioned in scriptures, research how it is celebrated around the world as well as look at the similarities between the Christian celebration of Harvest and the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. After that, we will look at why Christians sing in worship and we will finish off the term looking at Christmas.


Our Science unit is all about Rocks and how they are formed and after that we will look at Animals including Humans.  In Computing, we will be programmers and create our own animation. DT this term will focus on popping storybooks which uses skills based around mechanisms and linkages and after that we will be looking at emotional painting in Art. Geography will focus on mapping skills and fieldwork and then after half term we will be looking at Stone Age in History. French will have a focus on recognising and responding to numbers. PSHE is all about relationships and understanding what makes a family and why they are important. In Music we will be exploring the song ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’ and we will be creating our own simple rhythm patterns. In PE, we will be improving our fitness and increasing our flexibility in yoga. After that, we will be becoming gymnasts and also working on the team sport of hockey.


By Year 3, we would expect all children to be confident and fluent when recalling 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. Please help your children to practise these at home. We also expect children to be reading daily for at least 15 minutes and this should include a range of different genres. We will send out homework and spellings every Friday; this is to be completed by the following Thursday. We will have a spelling test every Friday morning. Please ensure your child is on time to school as the morning work we do each day is extremely important. For PE, please ensure that children wear the correct kit and that it is washed on a weekly basis. Children must arrive in their PE kit on every Monday.


Soon, we will be organising Meet the Teacher via the virtual platform of Zoom. We hope to see you there.


Thank you for visiting 3P’s class page.