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Class 6B

Welcome to 6B


Welcome to Class 6B’s class page. Here you will find out about what we are going to be learning this term and any key pieces of information that you will need to know. I am Miss McCormack, the class teacher, and Miss Woodward is our L4 teaching assistant. In Year 6, we have extremely high expectations and expect that all members of our class will aim to be the best for God that they can be, in line with our school’s vision. Our school value this half term is thankfulness and during worship, and throughout the day, we will reflect on all we have to be thankful for during this difficult time.


In English this term, we will be learning about a range of story genres including: stories in a familiar setting, adventure stories and horror stories. For non-fiction writing, we will be learning about the structure and language features of biographies, balanced arguments and persuasion. Each week in Reading, we will focus on one of the reading VIPERS – vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise/sequence through a range of different texts. Our class novel this term is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo which links closely with our WW1 History Topic. After that, we will read Skellig by David Almond.


In Maths this term, we will develop our understanding of place value so that we can confidently represent, partition and use numbers up to 10,000,000. After this, we will develop the four operations – with a particular focus on long division and the order of operations. After that, we will then move onto fractions, ensuring that the children are confident with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and comparing fractions. Throughout all of our Maths lessons, we will ensure that there is a range of reasoning and problem solving taking place. This way, the children in our class will become confident mathematicians.


In Religious Education, our unit of work is ‘Life as a Journey and Pilgrimage’. In this unit, we will be developing an understanding of the journey of Jesus Christ and also, reflecting on our own journeys in life. During this unit, we will also explore religious journeys from different faiths. After half term, we will then start to look at how Christians prepare for Christmas and explore the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. 


In Science this term, we will be exploring the circulatory system in our Animals including Humans topic and after that we will be looking at Electricity. In History, we will be learning all about the First World War. After half term, we will begin to learn about World War Two and explore the impact that both of these wars had on our way of life . In Computing, we will be developing and creating a text-based adventure game and after half term, we'll start to think about algorithms. In French, our focus will be developing vocabulary about the classroom and our family members. In Music, we will be exploring the song ‘Happy’ while after half term, we will be looking at Classroom Jazz. In PSHE this term, we will be looking at Relationships - including the relationship we have with family and friends, safe relationships and the relationship we have with ourselves. In PE, we will be developing our fitness in the first half term and choreographing our own Anti-Bullying dance. After that, we'll work on skills in Basketball. Hopefully, we will also be able to go Swimming, once the leisure centre reopens for schools.


By Y6, we would expect all children to be confident and fluent when recalling times tables up to and including the 12 times tables. Please help your child to practise these at home. We also expect children to be reading daily for at least 15 minutes and this should include a range of different genres. We will send out homework and spellings every Friday; this is to be completed by the following Thursday. We will have a spelling test every Friday morning. Please ensure your child is on time to school as the morning work we do each day is extremely important. For PE, please ensure that children arrive to school every in their PE kit every Thursday. 


As you can see, we have a jam-packed term ahead of us. If, at any time, you have any concerns or queries, do not hesitate to contact us as we understand and value the impact that a good parent-teacher relationship can have on the learning and development of your child.


 Soon, we will be organising Meet the Teacher via the virtual platform of Zoom. We hope to see you there.