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Hello and welcome to Class RB’s section on the website! My name is Miss Hume, and I am the class teacher in RB.  I hope you find this information helpful, and I hope it gives you some indication about what we are going to be teaching this term.  We aim for all of our lessons and areas of the classroom to be fun, engaging and create a sense of curiosity and wonder in your children. We have extremely high expectations in EYFS and pride ourselves on using impeccable manners and being kind to all. 


Please remember that ‘every school day counts’ and we encourage your children to be in school every day. 


Class RB and Class RP are called the ‘EYFS Department’ and we are one unit.  This means that the children can flow from one classroom to the next and we also share our own private outdoor area. 


In our unit we have 4 teaching assistants.  Miss Haworth, Mrs McDonald, Miss Mulla and Miss Shaw. We share them across both classrooms and the outdoor environment. The teacher next door is Miss Wild. You will see her a lot too!


Our aim for this term is to develop the children’s confidence and skills. We want each and every child in the EYFS Department to ‘be the best for God they can be’ and succeed in all that they set out to achieve.  We want to provide opportunities for your children to grow and progress in all areas of the curriculum, develop strong friendships and make excellent choices in all that they do. 




This term in our English lessons, we will be introducing the children to non-fiction books and reciting well known poems and rhymes. Through doing this, the children will continue to develop their listening, communication and language skills. We will do all of this through the context of transport, which links with our topic focus. We hope for the children to become confident in rehearsing and performing the rhymes, and we hope that they will also develop their reading and writing fluency.   


In Phonics we will continue to explore Phase One aspects such as alliteration and Oral blending and segmenting. The children will also continue to develop reading and writing Phase 2 words. This term, we will be focusing on re-capping the Phase 3 graphemes that were taught last term. We will also begin to introduce reading and writing two-syllable words and continue to practise reading and writing simple sentences. We will continue to teach the children to read and write the tricky words for Phase 2 and Phase 3. 




In our Maths lessons this term, we will be focusing on building on children’s knowledge of numbers to 10 and moving forwards, using numbers from zero to twenty. We will continue to teach the five counting principles and hope that the children are confident with these by the end of the term. We will be learning to recognise numerals to 20, order them and count forwards and backwards. The children will be taught the foundations of place value e.g. a teen number is one ten and __ ones. We will recap addition and subtraction using lots of practical resources and build children’s knowledge of number bonds to 10. Towards the end of the term, we will be learning about money and begin to recognise coins and their value. We will also be looking at weight and begin to compare objects by their weight. 




Our topic for RE this term is Easter and we will explore why Christians put a cross in their Easter garden. This will allow us to learn about another key Christian belief and celebration, in order to continue to develop an understanding and respect of different religious worldviews. The children will be encouraged to listen to the Easter story and ask questions about what they have heard.  The children will also be encouraged to discuss their own opinions and views in relation to the story. This will support the children's listening and speaking skills, as well as promote curiosity and respect throughout the teaching of RE. We will talk about celebrations that are special to us and the different ways we celebrate them, making links to our own personal beliefs too.




During our topic afternoons, we will focus on a variety of activities linked to the other areas of learning and development. In Spring 2, our topic is Transport and we will focus on: weather, transport from the past, different types of transport and future modes of transport. We will also be exploring the Beebots in technology and develop an understanding of how to stay safe online. As part of our DT lessons, we will be exploring and comparing floating and sinking toys and attempt to make our very own floating boat! For Music, we will continue to sing and learn to project our voices. We will also explore rhythm and beat using Glockenspiels. French lessons will continue to be delivered in a short and fun way to allow the children to develop an awareness of basic language skills. 




The children have now settled into a good routine with their homework. Homework is given out on a Monday and a Friday. The Monday homework consists of a phonics newsletter/worksheet. This includes an overview of the graphemes the children are learning that week in school. We hope for the children to review the homework each day to bridge the learning at home and in school. The children will also receive a piece of homework on a Friday, which will vary in focus, and should be completed over the weekend and returned the following Monday.  


Your child will also receive a reading book which will be changed on a Monday and Friday. Your child’s book will only be changed if their reading record has been signed by an adult to show they have read at home. It is essential that you read with your child every day, even if it is for a couple of minutes. This will allow your child to develop their confidence and ability to blend and segment words as well as develop their reading fluency.  




PE for our class will be once a week.  Please ensure your child arrives to school in the correct PE kit on a Monday. Our aim for this term is to develop our gross motor skills.  This includes fundamentals such as throwing and catching and negotiating a space successfully. We will also begin to teach some gymnastics skills.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about all the exciting lessons we have planned for this term.  We hope your child/children love school and enjoy coming as much as we do!


Miss Hume and the EYFS Department