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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Gifted & Talented

“High Fliers”

Here at St Barnabas and St Paul’s, we have a lot of children who are assessed as being above their peers, some at least a full level above their classmates!

 These children are classed as “High Fliers” and, as such, are given work or activities within class, group work outside the classroom or any other work which the class teacher feels would be beneficial in challenging and stretching their abilities even further. 

For Years 3 – 6 we have a very talented and skilled Teaching Assistant, Miss Woodward, who has a timetable dedicated to “The High Flying” groups in reading, writing and maths.  Miss Woodward spends time with the groups of children working on furthering their knowledge and skills and ensuring they are striving even further. 

Usually during late Autumn/early Spring, we form groups of Level 6 maths children and Miss Richardson challenges these children in developing their problem solving and algebra skills

For Year 2, we have a Teaching Assistant, Miss Beare, who works with groups in literacy to challenge and inspire the “High Fliers” within their writing skills. Miss Woodward also has clubs after school for Year 2, again in reading, writing and maths.  (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) these children are selected by looking at the assessment tracking in school and collaborating groups of more able learners. 

During the summer terms, we provide extra tuition for Year 2 children in preparation for their SATS and again this is based on the data from assessments.

In Year 1, initially, we let the children settle into the school routine.  Then from Spring Term, we designate a Teaching Assistant to run “High Flying Groups.”

Reception is a little different as they run their own interventions during class time, mainly during late Spring/Summer when the children are settled and preparing for the transition into Year 1.


In terms of all the other subject areas, we have a register of “High Fliers” for Music, ICT, Science and Art.  This register is passed onto subject leaders who ensure that these children are being stretched and challenged in lessons.  This may be through the monitoring of books or lesson plans.  We also encourage subject leaders to form after school clubs and encourage the “High Fliers” to attend.