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PE Funding

Impact of PE Premium at St Barnabas and St Paul’s 2015-2016



Specialist sports coach

St Barnabas and St Paul’s have employed a specialist sports coach to come into school one day a week. Pro-Direct have been employed to team teach with every member of the teaching staff from reception up to year 6. They began by coming into school last year and leading the sessions. This allowed the teachers to observe excellent teaching practice and aid them to gain ideas for each topic being covered in the PE curriculum. Towards the end of the last academic year the teachers started team teaching with Rob which allowed them to put in practice the magpied ideas but still had Rob there for help if needed. From September this year the overview has been adjusted, each teacher will have a P.E session with Rob in week one then the following week the teacher will lead the session and use Rob as a TA. He will be observing the teacher’s competency and confidence at teaching P.E then time will be allocated at the end of the sessions for him to report back with any ideas for improvements but also explain to the teacher what went well. 


Pro-Direct also ran a sports club after school, each half term it varied age range and the area of the P.E curriculum being covered. The clubs were very successful in school and gained a lot of interest throughout the year. This year Pro-Direct are continuing to run the clubs but have also organized with the other schools that they have contracts with, to all run the same after school allowing them to end each half term with interschool’s competition. This will allow the children to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have learnt in that area over the course of the half term. I believe this itself will gain more interest in after schools clubs as there is more of a purpose and will enable children to represent school in a tournament.

Two of the most popular clubs within KS2 are dodgeball and football.  At the start of the autumn term in 2014 there were 11 and 10 children attending respectively. When you compare this to the start of autumn 2015 the dodgeball club currently has 31 children attending and the football has 18 attending. Our most popular KS1 extra-curricular activity is multi sports which last year had 12 children attending. This year there are currently 23 children that attend this club every week. This shows a significant increase in both KS1 and KS2 extra-curricular activities and is something that we are looking to improve further.


At the end of last year (July 2015) the teaching staff completed a questionnaire about the effectiveness of the Pro-Direct. The teachers all agreed that the sessions were successful and their confidence was growing more due to the sessions that were put in place. However an area of weakness was identified, as the teachers thought the teaching of dance needed more expertise coverage. Therefore this year we have employed a dance teacher to come into school to aid the teacher at teaching quality dance lessons. The dance coach will begin the term leading the sessions giving the teacher ideas and will progress to team teaching. Therefore we will have pro-direct in every Thursday and a dance coach on a Wednesday for three half terms.


School Games Competition Package

Our children have access to more competitions than previous years and tournaments for younger children are increasing. All these events are timetabled and displayed on our school website in the interschool’s competition link (this is regularly updated due to last minute changes and even more competitions being included). The sports calendar for this academic year is fuller than it has ever been! Our success at these competitions is gradually improving as our children become more committed to attending sports clubs, are developing their fitness and skills base, are building on their knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations of different games and finally are more aware of how to be a good sportsman.

Last year we attended the 7 a side football tournament, the high 5 netball, the dodge ball tournament, the hockey tournament and the cross country competition. This year we are looking to increase the amount of competitions we attend as we have a wider variety of equipment and are employing specialist coaches. As well this year we are looking to attend the tennis tournament, the cricket competition, the orienteering as well as the rounder’s festival. We are also aiming to increase the amount of girl’s specific competitions and we are looking to attend the girl’s football and cricket competitions.  As all of these extra-curricular tournaments were aimed at predominantly year 5 and 6 pupils we are looking to hold more inter and intra competitions at our school and other cluster schools to promote the competition within years 3 and 4.


P.E Equipment and after schools clubs

School has invested a proportion of our funding into replenishing old equipment and buying different sporting equipment that school has never had before. School is very keen to introduce new sporting activities that the children haven’t had the opportunity to play before. Introducing different sports gives children (especially those who may not be interested in the sports currently being offered) a chance to learn new skills. Last year and starting this year, school has invested in table tennis tables, bats and balls, we have had a outdoor gym that s fitted with eight pieces equipment aiming to improve fitness and strength fitted and have bought a full class set of new equipment for hockey,  basketball, netball, football, ultimate Frisbee and lacrosse. All these new skills will be introduced at clubs either during the day or in an afterschool club.




Orienteering Resources

The school has been in touch with Riley orienteering mapping company and received a price to get our surroundings mapped out for an orienteering course. Due to new developments due to happen in 2016 the mapping has been postponed but we will use the premium money to pay for the mapping after the development has finished.


Play leaders and Sports Council

Year 6 children within school have an opportunity to become play leaders. The children apply for the position and then sit down with staff to explain their willingness to apply and what they can offer towards the position. Once selected the children are specifically trained by members of staff and provide a selection of lunch time activities for KS1 and KS2 children.  As we now have more equipment available at lunch times, the play leaders can offer a wider variety of activities and games for the younger children to play. We have also received a ‘Change for life’ sports equipment bag and ordered new equipment for the School Young Ambassadors and the Sports Council to run lunch time activities and challenges for the rest of the school.