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PE & Sport Premium

Impact of PE Premium at St Barnabas and St Paul’s 2018-2019



Specialist sports coach

St Barnabas and St Paul’s employed a specialist sports coach to come into school four mornings a week. The primary aim was to upskill the teaching staff in a variety of areas of the P.E curriculum allowing them to gain confidence and knowledge when teaching areas such as gymnastics and athletics. Teachers highlighted areas of the curriculum where they felt least confident at teaching then pro-direct team taught with them giving them ideas and sharing their expertise.


Pro-Direct also ran a sports club after school and each half term it varied in age range and the area of the P.E curriculum being covered. The clubs were very successful in school and gained a lot of interest throughout the year. This academic year Pro-Direct are continuing to run the clubs and will continue to end each term with an interschool’s competition. I believe this itself will gain more interest in after schools clubs as there is more of a purpose and will enable children to represent our school.


After schools clubs


We continued to offer a variety of after school clubs for all ages across school. Most of these clubs linked to up-coming tournaments in the sporting calendar to give children the opportunity to develop their skills before representing the school’s sport team. This is an area that we are continuing to develop further this academic year (2019-2020) to increase our sporting achievements further. We have been awarded the School Games Mark Silver Award as recognition of the amount of children who partake in clubs at school.




Each year, we pay for a package that entitles us to participate in a variety of competitions within the authority in different areas of the curriculum for year groups 1-6. In 2018-2019 we participated in more competitions than the previous year and this year are progressing further in competitions in a wider range of sports showing that: P.E is being taught at a higher standard, the after school clubs are contributing into children’s increased skill levels and that the involvement in sport is on the increase in school. We are hoping to continue progressing this academic year.


P.E Equipment


School had invested a proportion of our funding into replenishing old equipment and buying different sporting equipment to benefit the teaching and learning of P.E. We were very keen to introduce new sporting activities that the children hadn’t had the opportunity to play before. Introducing different sports gave children (especially those who may not be interested in the sports currently being offered) a chance to learn new skills. All new equipment was introduced in lessons during the day or in an afterschool club.



A proportion of the money was spent on transporting children to different sporting competitions that were available in the borough.


Joshua Thomas

27th September 2019


Year 6 Swimming results 2018/19 cohort of 44 children:

  • 1 child is not yet swimming unaided
  • 42 children achieved 5m of that 42,
  • 37 children achieved 10m
  • of those 37, 13 children achieved 25m. This is 29.55%
  • 42 children can perform a safe self-rescue in different water-based situations
  • 13 children, 25.55%,  can use a range of strokes effectively