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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School


At St Barnabas and St Paul’s, oracy, language and reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We understand that reading is the gateway to all further learning, as well as a source of enjoyment and wonder. With this in mind, our aim is for every child to become a fluent reader with a tool-kit of strategies to help them read and understand a variety of texts. We want children to become proficient readers in order for them to reach age-related expectations, keep up with their peers and enable them succeed in life. In addition, we want children to develop a love of reading and read regularly for both pleasure and information.

Our book-based curriculum is designed around the needs of our pupils, and utilises a variety of approaches to enable pupils to make good progress.


The aims of teaching reading in our school are to develop pupils who:

  • exhibit positive attitudes towards reading, demonstrating a love of literature and reading as a whole;

  • rapidly acquire a secure knowledge of letters and sounds (graphemes and phonemes) and make sustained progress in learning to read fluently;

  • read easily and fluently with good understanding across fiction, non-fiction and poetry;

  • acquire a wider and more extensive vocabulary;

  • participate in the teaching of phonics knowledge, skills and understanding in a rigorous, systematic and enjoyable way;

  • develop their reading in all subjects to support their acquisition of knowledge;

  • read regularly for pleasure both at home and school;

  • read with increasing expression, using intonation, tone and volume to communicate understanding;

  • build upon their cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development through their reading;

  • develop good comprehension by drawing from their linguistic knowledge;

  • can share their ideas in discussions whilst listening and turn-taking;

  • can provide reasoned justifications for their views and courteously challenge those of others.


At St Barnabas and St Paul’s, we deliver daily Whole Class Reading lessons across all key stages to ensure that pupils develop their reading skills and become confident readers. We have planned the Whole Class Reading provision so that pupils are able to read a range of genres in Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry.

Each class also takes part in a daily SQUIRT (Silent or Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time) session daily to expose children to a range of high-quality children’s literature that can help to promote a love of reading.

We are working hard to ensure that reading throughout school is purposeful and progressive. 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places that you will go.” Dr Seuss


Reading Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement