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School priorities


Priorities 2018-19



Improve outcomes in writing by implementing and maintaining a consistent approach to teaching and high expectations across the whole school.                   



In the light of a significant change to staffing, maintain consistently high standards of teaching across school by implementing a quality programme of coaching and professional development.



Improve outcomes in EYFS by further improving the learning environment both inside and outside and consequently the opportunities on offer for pupils.



Develop the impact of middle leaders on outcomes and the quality of teaching across school.






Good Practice

At St Barnabas and St Paul's we have outstanding teachers and lots of excellent practice can be seen through all key stages. Here is a list of the good practice witnessed day to day in the different key stages;


  • Transition from nursery to school - nursery visits, home visits, transition sessions, parents meetings
  • Indoor Continuous Provision areas
  • Key person for each child
  • Bilingual support and support for speaking and listening 
  • Speaking assessments
  • Independent writing books
  • Coaching and mentoring of NQT
  • Interventions for SEN children - use of specific TAs suited to needs
  • Use of TAs to support LA and HA children
  • Staff teamwork 
  • We provide experiences for our pupils to enrich their learning and provide them with life long memories.


  • Coaching and monitoring of NQT.
  • Opportunity to observe and coach each other as a team.
  • Higher ability children in Year 2, targeted through employment of new TA.
  • Intervention groups regularly timetabled and amended to support vulnerable learners when needed.
  • Phonics groups regularly monitored to ensure progress of all children.
  • Team planning and meetings to share good practise and disseminate ideas.
  • Opportunity provided for parents to attend lessons and informative meetings.
  • All staff plan ahead to ensure that new curriculum  objectives are covered.
  • We plan and deliver fun and exciting lessons which engage our children.



  • Quality of teaching
  • Quality of work in books
  • Data and academic results
  • Progress
  • Professional development of all staff.
  • TA training and appraisal.
  • Continuous focus on teaching and learning.
  • Middle management sharing outstanding practice and coaching others.
  • Interventions to close the gap.
  • SEN provision
  • G&T provision
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Much improved positive culture and ethos.
  • Behaviour
  • Lunch time play
  • Recruitment of excellent staff
  • Induction and training of staff