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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School


All pupils may from time to time, have special educational needs. Their special needs will be that they require considerations, which are different from those of their peers. The reasons may be physical, emotional or intellectual. The range of needs will vary from the profound and multiple disabilities, which are experienced by a minority of pupils and which will require lifelong support, to less apparent educational problems.
We are committed to ensuring an inclusive curriculum for all of our learners including those with disabilities, special educational needs and different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  This includes those with English as an additional language and those who are on the ‘gifted and talented’ register.
We recognise a child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum with opportunity for self-initiated learning.

Parents will be fully involved and informed when special educational provision is being provided for their child.
Our inclusive school has a commitment to ensuring we have a child-centred approach to all we do to ensure that the needs of all individuals are met.  We ensure that pupils with SEN are included, treated as favourably as others, and given appropriate access to the curriculum



We truly believe in the motto, “Be the best you can somebody”

And this goes for the children who may have specials education needs too.  It is our responsibility as teachers and teaching assistants to ensure that all pupils in our care succeed and progress to their own personal goals.  Some may just take longer to get there or take smaller steps at a time.  Either way, every step, large or small, of progression is a celebration and we are proud of all of our children.