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To read and plot co-ordinates

Steps to Success



1.   Find the point

2.   Imagine a line straight down to meet the x axis

3.   Where the imaginary line crosses the x axis is the coordinate for the x axis. This is the first coordinate in the brackets

4.   Go back to the point.

5.   Imagine a line straight going across to meet the y axis

6.   Where the imaginary line crosses the y axis is the coordinate for the y axis. This is the second coordinate in the brackets.

7.   Write the co-ordinates in brackets with the x coordinate first and the y coordinate second. Separate the x and y coordinates with a comma (x, y)




1.  Start with the coordinate for the x axis.

2.  Go along the x axis until you get to the coordinate you want.

3.  Imagine a line going straight up from there, the point is somewhere on that line.

4.  Go up/down the y axis until you get to the y co-ordinate.

5.  Imagine a line going straight across from that point.

6.  Precisely where the imaginary lines meet put a cross.


Top Tips


The co-ordinates are always in alphabetical order – X then Y X is a cross so the x axis is across.

You always go along the corridor and then up the stairs so it’s along first and then up.


2nd quadrant


1st quadrant



3rd quadrant


4th quadrant