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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School


The main purpose of Eco Club is to examine and interpret the environment from a variety of perspectives - physical, geographical, biological, sociological, economic, political, technological, historical, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual. Environmental Education is cross curricular, and opportunities are provided for learning about, in, through, and for the environment.

    • Education about the environment - to develop a sound base of knowledge, understanding and skills that children will need to make sense of environmental issues.

    • To provide education in the environment - to give children first-hand experience of various local environments.

    • To provide stimulus for learning a wide range of skills through secondary sources - education through the environment.

    • Education for the environment focuses on sustainable solutions to environmental problems, taking into account, that there are conflicting interests and different perspectives.

2021 - 2022 Eco Warriors

Summer Plans:

Next term, Eco-Council have asked if they can grow their own vegetables in school. We have purchased a Grow your own Vegetables Kit packed with a selective collection of veg seeds for planting: courgette seeds

tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, onion seeds and many more! Culinary Vegetables such as these are excellent for adding flavour to many dishes. This specific collection is geared toward those who love to flavour their meals with fresh cut vegetables. Our aim is that each child will be able to take home their own vegetable to flavour their meals at home. We will keep you updated with the progress of our Eco-Council on this page.