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St Barnabas & St Paul's CEPS home page
St Barnabas & St Paul's CEPS home page


At St. Barnabas and St. Paul’s CE Primary School, PSHE is at the core of what we do and enables our children to become independent, confident, healthy and responsible members of society.


PSHE is taught across the school from Reception to Year 6 on a weekly basis using the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work. The topics covered each school year are: 

Autumn 1 - Being Me in My World

Autumn 2 - Celebrating Difference

Spring 1 - Dreams and Goals

Spring 2 - Healthy Me

Summer 1 - Relationships

Summer 2 - Changing Me


Our PSHE curriculum equips children with relevant and meaningful content, which is supported through a strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health. The Jigsaw scheme incorporates the DfE Statutory outcomes for 'Relationship & Health Education' which is is further broken down in to outcomes that cover 'Relationship Education' and 'Physical Health and Well-Being'. 


With an ever-changing society, we are able to provide our children with a strong understanding of the diverse world around them and support them in playing a positive role in contributing to the school and the wider community.


Weaving through the heart of our PSHE teaching is a commitment to enhancing and promoting our core Christian Values which underpin everything we do in school and act as a guide for how to live a good life. The values are; Hope, Trust, Compassion, Perseverance, Forgiveness and Thankfulness.

We work closely with families to equip them with the skills necessary to support their children to ‘be the best for God that they can be’.


PSHE education has an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. PSHE education also makes a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, their behaviour and safety, and to their emotional well-being. PSHE education contributes to personal development by helping pupils to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem, and to identify and manage risk, make informed choices and understand what influences their decisions. It enables them to recognise, accept and shape their identities, to understand and accommodate difference and change, to manage emotions and to communicate constructively in a variety of settings. Developing an understanding of themselves, empathy and the ability to work with others will help pupils to form and maintain good relationships, develop the essential skills for future employability and better enjoy and manage their lives.


The PSHE scheme of work is tailored  to meet the needs of all pupils from our diverse heritage background, preparing them as fully as possible for their next phase of education.  



'It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.' - Mahatma Gandhi





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