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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School


There is no place for extremist views of any kind at St Barnabas and St Paul's School, whether from internal sources – pupils, staff, governors or external sources – school community, external agencies or individuals. Pupils need to see St Barnabas and St Paul's School as a safe place where they can explore controversial issues openly and where teachers encourage and facilitate this. We have a duty to ensure this happens.

St Barnabas and St Paul's will recognise that extremism and exposure to extremist materials and influences can lead to poor outcomes for children and so these issues must be addressed as a safeguarding concern.

It is recognised that if we fail to challenge extremist views, we are failing to protect our pupils. Extremists of all persuasions aim to develop destructive relationships between different communities by promoting division, fear and mistrust of others based on ignorance or prejudice and thereby limiting the life chances of young people. Education is a powerful tool to challenge this; equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking, to challenge and debate in an informed way.

St Barnabas and St Paul's will provide a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by skilled professionals, so that pupils are enriched, valued, tolerant of difference, understand diversity, and do not feel marginalised.

We are aware that young people may be exposed to extremist influences or prejudiced views from an early age, which can emanate from a variety of sources, including the media and internet. At times pupils may themselves reflect or display views that can be discriminatory, prejudiced or extremist, including using derogatory language. Any prejudice, discrimination or extremist views displayed by pupils or staff will need to be challenged and where appropriate dealt with in-line with school policies such as the Pupil Behaviour and Attendance Policy or the Staff Code of Conduct.


As part of safeguarding responsibilities, school staff are alert to:

  • Pupils disclosing their exposure to extremist actions, materials or the views of others outside of school, such as in their homes or community groups, especially where pupils have not actively sought these out;
  • Graffiti symbols, writing or art work promoting extremist messages or images;
  • Pupils accessing extremist material online, including through social networking sites;
  • Parental reports of changes in behaviour, friendships or actions and requests for assistance;
  • Partner schools, local authority services, and police reports of issues affecting pupils in other schools or settings;
  • Pupils voicing opinions drawn from extremist ideologies and narratives;
  • Use of extremist or ‘hate’ terms to exclude others or incite violence;
  • Intolerance of difference, whether secular or religious or (in line with our equalities policy) views based on, but not exclusive to, gender, disability, homophobia, race, colour or culture;
  • Attempts to impose extremist views or practices on others;
  • Anti-British views.


At St Barnabas and St Paul's, we follow any locally agreed procedure as set out by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, including criteria for safeguarding individuals vulnerable to extremism and radicalisation. In the event of concerns about a person at risk of becoming radicalised, contact will be made with Lancashire Constabulary’s Prevent Team to consider whether it is appropriate to refer the individuals to the Channel process. Channel is a bespoke multi-agency approach, which uses early intervention to protect and divert people away from the risks they face. Referrals can be made by anyone who has concerns. The Channel Panel is chaired by the local authority and meets at regular intervals to discuss referrals on individuals who have been identified as being at risk of radicalisation but have not committed any terrorism offence. For further details visit: