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Healthy Lifestyles

At St Barnabas and St Paul's we believe that having a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the key to healthy, happy children who are ready to learn.

It is important that we fuel our bodies with the correct foods, and in the correct quantities so we can live our lives to the fullest and be the best for God we can be.

We want all of our children to be healthy, active and have the best possible start in life.

Ensuring your child has a good, balanced diet may help to:

  • improve their mood
  • give them more energy
  • help them to think more clearly
  • improve their sleeping patterns


As a school, we are working very hard to ensure we are a healthy school that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.


If you have any worries about your child's lifestyle and need some help and guidance with the choices they are making, please come and speak to us and we will be happy to help.


Healthy Eating

St Barnabas and St Paul's is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables pupils to make informed food choices.  This will be achieved by a whole school approach to food provision and food education documented in a new Whole School Food Policy.

The main aims of our school food policy will be:

  1. To provide a range of healthy food choices throughout the school day and in line with mandatory School Food Standards.
  2. To support pupils to make healthy food choices and be better prepared to learn and achieve.
  3. To ensure a consistent approach to healthy eating across the school community including pupils, staff, parents and carers.

Food and nutrition is taught at an appropriate level throughout each key stage in Science, PSHCE and Design and Technology (cooking and nutrition).  The Eatwell Guide is used throughout the school as a model of a balanced diet.


The teaching of food and healthy eating is also cross-curricular and includes the history of food and food growing.  Pupils are encouraged to grow foods that they will then use to cook and eat.

Our relationship with parents/carers is very important and we aim to support them with information and advice around food, so that they are best prepared to make healthy choices for their families.


Outdoor Learning                                                     

At St Barnabas and St Paul's Primary School, we are fortunate to have a good section of outdoor space.  As well as our own playing field, football yard, outdoor gym and 2 playgrounds, our pupils benefit from an outdoor classroom, numerous outdoor games tables and seating, as well as a climbing wall and trim trails.  The EYFS department also has their own outdoor area, equipped with an outdoor kitchen, hobbit house, trim trail, slide and outdoor work benches.  They are also lucky to have an outdoor learning area which is covered by a large canopy.

Teachers make use of these exceptional facilities to enhance all areas of the curriculum by teaching outside whenever possible.  On any given day, you might find pupils photographing nature as an inspirational starting point for poetry, hunting for mini-beasts’ habitats, acting out a play in the outdoor classroom, or using their Maths skills to measure plant growth in the gardens. 


PE / Sport

We encourage children at St Barnabas and St Paul's Primary School to enjoy all physical activities and become aware of the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

PE and Sport is very much embedded in to our life at St Barnabas and St Paul's, recognising the value and impact of high quality PE and school sport. Our PE Curriculum is diverse, providing all pupils with the confidence to try new activities as well as enhancing their existing skills in a range of environments. We aim to provide all pupils with 2 hours of timetabled high quality PE a week.

Pupils are able to access a broad range of school sport activities over the course of the school year including gymnastics, games, dance, athletics, netball, hockey, football, tennis and cricket. Swimming lessons are also offered in Years 4, 5 and 6.  Numerous pupils represent the school as individuals or in teams and are part of after school sports clubs.  Pupil’s achievements are also celebrated and shared with parents and the wider school community.

Competitive sport is also something we value highly at St Barnabas and St Paul's and we actively compete in many local sporting events with other local schools. However, we celebrate the achievements of all the children and encourage them to aspire to their personal best.

Although competition beyond the school is important and supports collaborative team work, as well as enabling pupils to recognise their own strengths, the school’s overriding aim is to help all pupils enjoy being active and to encourage them to use their creativity and imagination.


Keeping Active at Breakfast Club and Lunch Time

As we promote our love for healthy lifestyles, we have looked closely at the provision we provide our children with as soon as they enter school.  Once the children have finished their breakfast, we have dedicated staff on hand to deliver active morning sessions.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to boost their mood, become ready for the school day and enjoy being active. These sessions are a combination of circuits, using the outdoor gym and small competitive games.

As a school we have also looked closely at the lunch time provision we offer our children.  The welfare staff have been trained by our PE leads in school and are encouraged to promote game playing and stimulate the children to be active and play. We have also resourced this time with a vast number of outdoor play equipment so the children are engaged and enthused and want to be on the move!

Packed Lunch Guidance

As a parent/carer, you may find that making up your child's packed lunch becomes a chore.  You may be lacking in ideas and need inspiration to improve the packed lunches you are providing.  

Below you will find a link to the 'Change 4 Life' website.  On this website there are many ideas and suggestions to help parents/carers create new and exciting lunches. 

It makes healthy suggestions on ways in which you can improve the contents of your packed lunch and also has recipes for new and exciting dishes. 

Take a look...


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