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Have a look at our recent class displays!

History in Year 4


As part of our Year 4 History topic of Romans, our children used special Roman Artefacts from the Blackburn Museum to explore Roman life! We unveiled fascinating treasures from the Roman Empire and viewed items such as an iron javelin tip, an oil lamp and even some archaic coins!


We used our enquiry skills to build a picture of the past and asked a variety of questions through careful observation of the Roman artefacts.


Year 4 were filled with lots of curiosity and we even had a chance to dress up to feel like what life would have been like as a Roman!


Look at all the fun we have had!

Have a look at us observing Roman Artefacts!

Year 1 Museum Trip


In Autumn 1, Year 1 visited the Blackburn Museum and explored toys from the past. They took part in discussion about how toys have changed over the years and created their own ball and cup too!

Year 1 were very enthused and were full of awe and wonder! Have a look at the pictures below!


Year 1 Toys - Blackburn Museum Trip

History in Year 5


As a school, we are very lucky to be subscribed to the Lancashire library loan service for History which allows us to explore historical artefacts first hand! 


As part of our topic of Tudors in Year 5, we explored the tudor artefacts which allowed the children to visualise and experience what life was like in the past. This provided the children with the opportunity to ask thoughtful and interesting questions which inspired them to partake in their own research at home!




Year 5 Tudor Artefacts