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St Barnabas

& St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Governing Body

Governor Information Spring 2022

NGA Code of Conduct 2021

Welcome to our Governors Section


The Governing Body takes a largely strategic role in the running of school. This includes:

  • Ensuring the school's vision, ethos and strategic direction reflect those of the Church of England.

  • Setting its aims and objectives. 

  • Setting policies and targets for achieving the objectives.

  • Reviewing progress and reviewing the strategic framework in the light of progress.

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.


Types of Governors:

We have ten members on our Governing Body, with two vacancies for Foundation Governors.

They have a special responsibility for ensuring that the character of the school as a Church of England Voluntary Aided School is preserved and developed.

  • Ex Officio Foundation Governor (Reverend) and Headteacher (2)
  • DBE Foundation Governors (4): elected by the Diocesan Board of Education.
  • LA Governor (1): Appointed by the Local Authority.
  • Parent Governors (2): Elected by the Parents.
  • Staff Teaching Governor (1): Elected by the staff.




Governor Attendance at Meetings

2020 - 2021


Autumn Term 2020
GovernorFull Governing BodyFinance, Staffing & BuildingsCurriculumPay & Performance
J Hounslow****
H Henderson*  *
G Bullock**  
M Clayton**  
A Pratt*  *
R Patel**  
J Duckworth*** 
D Withey****



Spring Term 2021
GovernorFull Governing BodyFinance Budget SettingFinance, Staffing & BuildingsStandards & Effectiveness
J Hounslow*** 
H Henderson*  *
G Bullock**  
M Clayton****
A Pratt*   
R Patel** *
J Duckworth****
D Withey****


Summer Term 2021
GovernorFull Governing BodyFinance, Staffing & BuildingsStandards & Effectiveness
J Hounslow** 
H Henderson* *
G Bullock*  
M Clayton***
A Pratt   
R Patel * 
J Duckworth **
D Withey***



2021 - 2022

Autumn Term 2021
GovernorFull Governing BodyStandards & EffectivenessPay & Performance Finance, Staffing & Buildings
J Hounslow*   
J Rushton**  
G Bullock*  *
M Clayton* **
R Patel*  *
A Pratt    
J Duckworth** *
D Withey****
Z Chopdat   *