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St Barnabas

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Class 3P

Welcome to class 3P’s page. Miss Lamb is the class teacher and we have Mr McDonald, Miss Hajat and Miss Christina supporting our class in Year 3. This is an exciting time where our pupils join the juniors in Key Stage 2. On our page, you will find information about what we will be learning throughout this term.

In 3P, we have high expectations that every member of our class will aim to be the best for God that they can be, in line with our school’s vision. Our school values will be important throughout the term and during worship, we will reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.


In English, we will begin Summer 1 by looking at ‘Playscripts’ followed on by ‘Non-Chronological Reports’. This will be a good opportunity to introduce our pupils to a rich variety of wonderful texts which they will be accessing throughout their time in Key Stage 2. We will then move onto the final Summer term where we will focus on ‘Classical Poetry’, a variety of ‘Mystery/Adventure/Fantasy stories’ and ‘Explanation’ texts to help support the children to write their own fiction and non-fiction pieces of writing. Each week in Whole Class Reading, we will focus on all of the reading VIPERS – vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise/sequence - through a range of different texts.

In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at the importance of number in Fractions and will then move onto measurement, focusing on time looking at analogue clocks as well as 12 hour and 24-hour time. In Summer 2, we will develop our understanding of Maths by moving onto Geometry where we will focus on properties of shapes. Finally, we will end our term by focusing on another aspect of measurement, looking at mass and capacity in everyday life. Please help support your child at home with their weekly homework that we set on My Maths and their Times Table Rockstars to help embed their understanding of times tables.

Our RE unit this term will focus on the topic of ‘Rules’ where the children will explore ‘Which rules should we follow?’ in their current lives, in Christianity but also a non-Christian Faith Unit. This topic will be explored on all throughout the Summer term, allowing the children to gain a deep understanding of rules. Our Science topic in Year 3 will focus on ‘Light and Shadows’ in Summer 1. Children will conduct their own investigations based on shadows, lights and reflections. We will then follow onto looking at ‘Plants’ in Summer 2, allowing the children to identify different parts of flowering plants as well as conduct investigations and have opportunities to experience first-hand learning.

In Computing, we will begin by developing ‘Branching Databases’ and will then focus on ‘Simulations’, allowing children to see how simulations are designed to predict the behaviour of a computer. In Summer 2, we will move onto ‘Graphing’ and ‘Presenting’ our work, allowing children to apply their skills and knowledge about everything they have learnt throughout the year.

Art this term will focus on creating an abstract textured 3D canvas based on California. After half term, we will look at DT, focusing on creating a windowsill herb pot.

Geography will focus on ‘California’ and after half term, we will be looking History, focusing on a key historical enquiry question based on the topic of Ancient Egypt and the impact of this civilisation. French will have a focus on food and time. PSHE will focus on ‘Dreams and Goals’ and we will then move onto PSHE in Summer 2, focusing on ‘Changing me’ in preparation for our next year group. In Music, we will be exploring the songs ‘Bringing Us Together’ based on Disco music and we will then go onto ‘Reflect, Rewind and Replay’, focusing on Classical Music. 

By Year 3, we expect all children to be confident and fluent when recalling their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. Please help your children to practise these at home every night. We also expect children to be reading daily for at least 15 minutes and this should include a range of different genres and text types. Your child’s home reading book must be brought in to school every day. We will send out homework spellings at the beginning of every half term; this is to be completed each week and to be handed in on a Thursday and returned the following day. Please ensure your child arrives in school on time every day as it is vitally important that we make each minute matter. For PE, please ensure that children wear the correct kit and that it is washed on a weekly basis. Children must arrive in their PE kit every Wednesday.


Thank you for visiting 3P's class page.