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I hope that you are all well after what has been a difficult start to the first half of the Spring Term. I just want to say thank you and well done for everything you have done for your child in 3P. You have been really supportive.


This half term in Literacy, we will be getting creative, writing recounts in the form of a diary. A great way to get the children speaking about diary entries is to ask them about their day, what they enjoyed, what didn’t go well and how they felt when something happened.  We will finish the term by looking at the features of a Kenning poem and then will be writing our own. Kenning poems are a fantastic way to use our knowledge of adjectives and nouns to describe something without telling the reader what it is.


In Mathematics, we will be looking at length and perimeter and really begin to understand the relationship between metres, centimetres and millimetres.  We will go on to compare lengths, and will apply our knowledge of multiplication and division to help us to understand how to measure and calculate perimeters.


In R.E, our unit explores the sadness and joy of Easter. We will think about the reason why Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’. We will look at the mood of Easter and understand the symbolism of the cross, before we write our own prayers.  Finally, we will research celebrations in Malta and Ethiopia to understand the similarities and differences of this important celebration around the world.


In our Science unit, we will continue with the fantastic work the children have been doing on forces, culminating in understanding how things move on different surfaces, how magnetic force can act at a distance and find out which materials magnets attract and repel. In Computing, the pupils will become vloggers and choose a topic to teach in the form of a video. In Art, 3P will look at plants and we will use media to represent botanical illustrations and other forms of plant art. For History, we will explore life as a Viking and Anglo Saxon.  French will see us pronouncing food items and writing a shopping list. In PSHE, our class will explore positive and negative feelings, and further understand how sometimes, we can feel conflicting feelings. In Music, we will be exploring The Dragon Song, which is all about kindness, respect, friendship, acceptance and happiness. Finally, for P.E, we will be focussing on the skills and rules for tennis and rounders.


Thank you for visiting class 3P and we hope to see you all in school very soon.