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Hello and welcome to Class RP’s section on the website! My name is Miss Wild and I am the class teacher in RP. I hope you find this information helpful as it will give you an overview of what the children will be learning this term. We aim for all of our lessons and areas of the classroom to be fun, engaging and to create a sense of curiosity and wonder in our children. We have extremely high expectations in Reception and pride ourselves on using impeccable manners and being kind to all.


Please remember that ‘every school day counts’ and we encourage your children to be in school, on time, every day. Please make sure your child arrives at school at  8:30am.


Class RB and Class RP are called ‘Reception’ and we work as one whole unit. This means that the children can flow freely from one classroom to the next, including our private outdoor area which is known as our outdoor classroom.


In our unit, we have three teaching assistants: Mrs. Howarth, Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. G McDonald. We also have four teaching assistants who will be supporting individual children who require more support: Miss Desai, Miss Dent, Miss Shaw and Miss Assi. The teacher in RB is Mrs Phoplunkar and your child will spend lots of time with all of the adults in the Reception unit.


Aims for the term

Our aim for this term is to continue to develop the children’s confidence and perseverance as they are encouraged to participate in a wide range of engaging activities and learning experiences. We want each and every child in the EYFS Department to ‘Be the best for God that we can be’ and succeed in all that they set out to achieve. We aim to provide opportunities for your children to grow and progress in all areas of the curriculum, develop strong friendships and make excellent choices in all that they do. This term, the children will be exploring the value of perseverance as we focus on overcoming challenges as we prepare the children for the transition to Year One. We will continue to explore the values of hope, forgiveness, thankfulness, compassion and trust as the children continue on their school journey.



In Reception, learning starts with a curriculum based around quality texts. Oracy, language development and reading are at the heart of our curriculum and specific vocabulary is taught so that pupils develop a wider range of spoken language and improve their understanding and comprehension. We follow a 5-a-day approach and read a focus text for a week. We believe this method to be incredibly effective in developing children’s vocabulary, word reading, writing and comprehension. This term in our English lessons, we will be introducing a range of stories and reciting well known poems and rhymes. Through doing this, the children will continue to develop their listening, communication and language skills. As we prepare the children for Year One, we will be focusing on retelling stories orally and writing sentences based on information from the text. We will also be encouraging the children to write dictated sentences, focusing on correct letter formation and phonic knowledge. Our themes for the Summer term are ‘Let’s Explore’ and ‘At the Seaside’ and the books are selected according to children’s interests and link to the topics where appropriate.





Children will be taught daily whole class phonics sessions using the phonics scheme ‘Read Write Inc’. This term, the children will continue to revise both Set One and Set Two sounds:


oo/oo/ar/or/air/ir/ou/oy). In the final term, the children will also be introduced to Set Three sounds: (ea/oi/a_e/i_e/o_e/u_e/aw/are/ur/er/ow/ai/oa/ew/ire/ear/ure). We will be concentrating on reading and writing a range of words using the sounds we have learnt. The children will also continue to read and learn to write red words (words that can’t be read using Fred Talk). We will also be focusing strongly on how to form each grapheme correctly and write sentences that others can read.



Developing a strong grounding in number is essential so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically. We aim for children to develop a deep understanding of the numbers to 10, the relationships between them and the patterns within those numbers. This term, we will continue with the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and explore the units ‘To 20 and beyond’, ‘First, then, now’, ‘Find my pattern’ and ‘On the move’. In these units we will be extending our learning further and developing our understanding of how to represent numbers to 20, addition and subtraction, doubling and sharing, odd and even numbers and pattern. If you want to follow along and support your child further at home, please visit the White Rose Website:




At our school, we believe that learning about other religions and exploring different beliefs helps our pupils to develop a greater understanding of the variety of cultures and religions that make up our wider community. We believe that RE is essential in ensuring that all of our children develop respect for one another and celebrate the diversity of others. This term we will be exploring ‘Special places’ and be exploring both religious and non-religious places that are special to us or other people.



Understanding the World

Our afternoon lessons concentrate on the area of learning: ‘Understanding the World.’ Understanding the world involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community. These lessons often link to the overarching theme of the term and this term it is ‘Let’s explore’ and ‘At the seaside’. Some of the main learning points throughout the summer term include: maps, our local environment, schools and transport in the past, travel and transport, comparing environments and holiday experiences.





We follow the Charanga scheme of learning in Music. The children are encouraged to listen and respond to different styles of music and learn to sing along with nursery rhymes and action songs. As the children make progress, they will be taught to improvise and lead playing classroom instruments and perform the learning that has taken place. Music plays an integral part of our daily routine and we are continuously encouraging the children to sing, chant, feel and find the pulse and play various instruments.



We follow the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of learning. The children have the task of helping fit together the six pieces of learning about ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’. The units cover topics such as: building positive and healthy relationships, solving friendship problems, showing respect to others, feelings around change and looking forward to new beginnings.



The children’s weekly Phonics homework is now filled with review-based activities for the children to complete at home. It now also includes a writing task which we hope will develop the children’s independence when writing sentences and skill in using their phonic knowledge to write words. The Phonics homework will continue to be sent out every Monday and will need to be returned the following Monday. It is vital that you make sure the phonics homework books are returned on Monday for the relevant practice sheets to be stuck in at school.

You will also receive a new homework grid for Summer which will be stuck inside the homework book. This will include a grid for the term, explaining which tasks need to be completed each week. The activities will be linked to a range of subjects. Please return the homework books every Monday.



The children have a P.E lesson every Thursday for an hour. Please make sure your child comes to school in their P.E kit every Thursday. They will remain in their P.E kit for the entire day. We follow the Get Set 4 PE scheme of learning and, this term, the children will be taught Games: Unit 1 and Dance Unit 2. We also provide daily gross motor opportunities for the children through our outdoor provision.


Cohort specific information

As we continue to focus on the teaching of and reviewing Set One and Set Two sounds, please continue to support the children to read at home every day. The children are doing incredibly well and are able to recall the vast majority of sounds taught so far. Please focus on using this knowledge to read sentences speedily and accurately. Also, please don’t forget the red words (words that can’t be read using Fred Talk). As the children progress in writing, knowing how to spell the red words will support the children greatly.