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Class 1P

Welcome to Class 1P


Welcome to Class 1P! My name is Mrs Watson and I am the class teacher. I love working in Year 1 where we are busy bees and work incredibly hard! This year we will have Miss Hussain working with us to help us with our learning.



At St Barnabas and St Paul’s we endeavour to be the best for God that we can be, in all that we do, and this vision helps guide us through our school days. We always aim high, upholding high expectations and standards in everything we do. Year 1 is an exciting year as our pupils move from the Foundation Stage and settle into a busier timetable and lots of hard work!


During this transitional year, we aim to instil some of our school’s core values into our pupils, such as ‘perseverance’, ‘trust’ and ‘compassion’ as these will enable our children to develop into resilient, caring individuals who support their class mates. In turn, this creates a positive learning environment in which children are confident to tackle the challenges of Year 1. We have a lot of fun learning in our classroom, which is a bright and colourful learning environment, and we enjoy showing off all of our fantastic achievements and progress.


Here you will find out a little about what is going on in our class this Summer term.


In English, we will be exploring ‘Stories with Familiar Settings’ first, focusing on ’Percy the Park Keeper’s story’ of ‘The Rescue Party’. You might want to search for this story on YouTube or visit the local library to find a book! Following that, we will focus on ‘Non-Fiction texts’ with a focus on Booklets, learning the features of this non-fiction genre and looking at examples, before writing our own. We will then end the term with a focus on ‘Traditional Rhymes’.

In Summer 2, we will focus on a story called 'The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon', allowing the children to use their imagination. We will explore this text in more detail, thinking about the characters in the story and will create meaningful writing pieces.

Please continue to work with your children to practise capital letters, full stops and finger-spaces. Additionally, please support them on their journey to use pre-cursive handwriting.


In Mathematics, we will embed our understanding of measurement in everyday life by focusing on measuring and comparing ‘Capacity and Volume’. We will then move onto recapping our 2’s, 5’s and 10 times tables and embed a further understanding of ‘Multiplication and Division’ through lots of lots of practical learning, as well as theoretical work, in order to make and add equal groups, make arrays and make doubles too. Shortly after this, we will introduce the children to ‘Fractions’ where

they will begin to find and make ½ and ¼. To end Summer 1, we will look at ‘Position and Direction in Geometry’, describing turns and positions.

In Summer 2, we will revisit ‘Place Value’ and begin to look at bigger numbers to 100 where we will ensure that there are lots of opportunities for counting forwards and backwards, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, looking at more and less as well as partitioning the numbers using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. We will also introduce the children to ‘Money’, ensuring that they can recognise different coins and notes as well as count money too. Finally, we will visit ‘Time’, looking at the vocabulary of ‘before’, ‘after’, dates and ensuring children are exposed to time to the hour, known as ‘o clock’ and time to the half hour known as ‘half past’.

Please continue to work on number and practical concepts at home with your children, and use Times Table Rock stars as an aid to learning multiplication facts fluently.


In Religious Education, we will be looking at the different traditions people use to welcome a new baby. We will learn about baptism and why this is important for Christians. We will explore the difference between Christening and adult baptism, as well as learn about Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan. We will then learn about how other people welcome babies into their faith and make comparisons between these traditions. This term we will be exploring Islamic, Hindu and Sikh birth rights, as well as discussing how non-religious people celebrate the birth of a child in a naming ceremony.

In Science, we will explore the topic of ‘Plants’. We will be finding out about different types of plants and trying to find them in our school environment. We will be able to identify the key parts of different plants and begin to explain why these parts are important.

In Computing, our area of learning will be ‘Maze Explorers and Spreadsheets’. We will continue to visit e-safety objectives every lesson so that children are continually aware of E-Safety. Please continue to support us by logging onto Purple Mash at home to ensure your child is familiar with their username and password details.

Our History lessons this term will focus on the enquiry question of ‘How has Blackburn town centre changed since the 1950’s?’ We will be comparing our town centre from the past to the present, looking at chronology and communicating our findings in different ways. In Summer 2, we will move onto Geography where we will explore our school area and the wider local area of Blackburn.

Our Design and Technology topic will focus on creating a product called a ‘moving picture’. We will focus on key vocabulary during this such as: ‘levers, sliders, moving mechanism, wheels and pivot’ to help the children create their product with a purpose and a user in mind. In Summer 2, we will focus on Art where we will be exploring creations further.

Our Music topics will be ‘Your Imagination’ focusing on Pop Music in Summer 1. This will then move onto ‘Reflect, Rewind and Replay’, focusing on Classical music pieces. In our Music lessons, we will take part in activities such as finding the pulse and will move onto composition.

Our PSHE lessons will focus on ‘Relationships’. During this unit in Summer 1, we will be exploring what positive healthy relationships are and how they can be built. We will then move on to the topic of ‘Changing Me’ where we will reflect on our individual selves, in preparation for our next year group.


Weekly homework will be sent out on a Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday. Homework activities can be found on the half termly homework grid that will be stuck in your child’s homework book, as well as uploaded to Class Dojo. These tasks will include one piece of English, one piece of Maths and one piece of Topic homework per week. When completed, please ensure the homework grid is signed by a parent/guardian prior to its submission.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that children should arrive at school wearing the correct PE kit on their designated PE day (for us, this is on a Tuesday in Summer 1). This consists of a white t-shirt, black shorts/jogging bottoms/tracksuit bottoms, black pumps/trainers and their blue school jumper. Please ensure all jewellery is removed on this day. In Summer 1, we will be developing our skills in Net and Wall games, as well as Athletics. In Summer 2, we will be exploring Yoga, as well as Striking and Fielding.


Phonics is an integral part of our daily learning in Year 1 and underpins everything we do. Children will continue learn Set 3 sounds, as part of the Read Write Inc program. Children will also continue to develop their skills in segmenting and blending to read and write. Please continue to support your children in this area as Phonics is the key for children to unlock access to other areas of the curriculum. Below are links of phoneme articulation and websites where your children can practice blending for reading real and nonsense words.


Segmenting and blending practise:


How to pronounce sounds: Oxford Owl



Thank you for all your continued support and never-ending positivity!